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This bronze coin was minted at some point during the reign of Constantius II in the Eastern Roman Empire, also called the Byzantine Empire. The coin features a profile of Constantius II, allowing subjects to learn what their ruler looked like. The…

On the obverse side, it shows Emperor Maurice Tiberius. He was the emperer of the Byzantine Empire from 582-602. On the reverse side, there is an angel holding a cross, both of which represent Christianity. Under emperor Maurice Tiberius's rule, the…

Byzantine Empire_Maur.Tiberius_2795031-001_back_DSC_0005a_2019.04.011B.tif
This coin illustrates a frontal bust of Emperor Maurice of Constantinople (lived 539-602 CE) on its obverse side. The coin depicts Maurice in a Christ-like fashion--he is clean shaven, does not have distinguishing facial features, and holds a cross…
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