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2012.02.009 a.jpeg
On the obverse of this coin, a helmeted head of Roma is shown. On the reverse side of the coin, there is a column in-between L. Minucius Augurinus (left) and M. Minucius (right). The Minucias were a Roman family which held great political power…

2012.02.106 a.jpeg
The obverse of the coin features an image of the head of L. Livineius Regulus, a moneyer from Republican Rome. The reverse features an image of a curule chair, a folding chair traditionally associated with administrative power in Rome, and three…

3rd coin obverse.tif
This coin is from the time of the Roman Republic and was intended to follow family tradition which created a coin with legendary ancestry. On the obverse side it is the head of a politician of ancient Rome named, A. Postumius Albinus while he was…
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