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Like most Roman Republic coinage, the figures on the obverse are mythological; the twin Dioscuri appear conjoined at the back of the head. These brothers, one mortal and the other divine, were renowned for their horsemanship and thought to protect…

A galley is depicted on the obverse along with Mark Antony's name. The reverse depicts three Roman military standards, including the famous eagle standard. The bottom of the reverse contains the lettering LEG IV. The IV legion is known to have fought…

Obverse: Bare head of Caligula. Reverse: Vesta, veiled and draped, seated on throne holding a transverse scepter. Caligula became general at the age of 25. Caligula was the third son of Germanicus, a popular general related to Augustus. Vesta, the…

The obverse depicts Roma, the personification of Rome. The reverse shows two gladiators fighting as a reference to Titus Didius, a notably violent proconsul of Spain.

The obverse side of the coin features a depiction of the head of Herakles wearing a lion’s skin headdress. Legend claims that Herakles with the help of his Heraklean supernatural powers strangled the vicious Nemean lion with his bare hands to save…
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