Connections Between Emperors and Gods

About the Exhibit

This specialized collection of nine coins were selected to represent the various ways in which emperors try to make connections to gods and goddesses through the creation of coins. The different depictions of objects, people, and temples are ways for emperors to show respect and admiration towards certain gods. This paying tribute to the gods directly connects the emperor to these gods who have the public's trust. Throughout this exhibit, we display and discuss how and why specific emperors came to choose these five gods. These coins are powerful evidence of how emperors connected themselves to the gods, which reinforced traditional Greek and Roman values. 

This exhibit is laid out by specific gods or goddesses. Once one chooses a god, such as Hercules, they will be directed to a page that will discuss some general information about Hercules and why an emperor would choose him to be represented on their coin. A multitude of interactive coins will be displayed on this page, but note only one or a few of these coins will be discussed in detail and accessible on the drop-down menu below the selected god.


Jack Bonfe, Mikayla Rue, Tatum Whiteford